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The TELL press conference invitation

05. 01. 2019

On Tuesday, January 29th 2019, at 10.00 AM the House of the European Union will host a press conference of the Tell project..

The Rodna Zemlja Institute is the organizer and promoter of the Tell,

who wants to shed light on the actual situation in Slovene local politics and, through a fresh conceptual design, to wake up into greater participation of the population with the ruling structure.


The umbrella theme of the conference is the disconnection in local communities, that's why TELL: How to connect the local community, listen to initiatives and improve the situation in the country. The content presents the first three parts of the research, village, quarter and party level, and a parallel non-governmental view with the guests of the interviews who will also answer your questions at the event.


We kindly invite you to attend the conference. Either as guests of the research, media or professional and interested public.

The conference program will be available from 14.1.2019 on the following link.


The red thread of a press conference, a connection in local communities, will intertwine in speeches about the experiences of guest speakers:

-Presidents of Village Councils

-Presidents of the Quaternary Councils

-the presidents of the slovenian political parties

-representatives of NGOs

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