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Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress

Today's inspiration is the product of my own experience, as all of my health inspirations. What do I do when I'm in stress?

First, I make sure I drink enough liquid (tea or warm water with lemon). I breathe deeply (short inhale and looong exhale).

I make a couple of yoga exercises, the stretches are very welcome. I take half an hour walk or go for a run. I usually run after work.

I would than do different sounds or sing a song on the Smule application. I'd caress our Maci cat.

I'd clean around the house or split some wood. Listen to relaxing music. I'd massage my palm or soles.

Of course, it is best to arrange the schedule of work so that stress does not occur. But sometimes it just can not be avoided.

All the techniques described are checked and are working immediately. If you're in the stress for a long time and you think you need help, you can contact me.

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