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I wanted to tell you..

It is soo important that you drink enough of water. It's something everbody talks about these days..

But seriously. Since I've read somewhere that it is good to drink lukewarm water with lemon juice every morning and every night before bedtime, I also have a glass of lukewarm water before I go to bed every evening, I do it regularly. It is said that in this way we keep our health. For the body performs various processes during sleep, and proper hydration supports the body. Schedule drinking your glass of water in the calendar, if that works for you, but drink that water. A glass of lukewarm water is also recommended before each meal and, of course, in between, if necessary. Always carry water with you. Many times, instead of a water sip, we eat a candy or light a cigarette. I think that a whole national campaign would be needed in sufficient drinking water. We're talking about water, not other drinks. I suggest you take a week and monitor your well-being in connection with drinking water. If people were aware of how much easier it is to maintain good health with the proper water / mild fluids input into the body, the nation would undoubtedly experience a higher level of health.

Should you wish to, you can find me at or you reserve a free on line call at To be continued..

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