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Good, nice and snowy new Monday morning from the hill above Ljubljana. Travelling on the wings of time, we daily meet and confront our emotions. It is important how we perceive, accept and transform them. The energy of emotions is strong and we can either build or destroy with our emotions. The state of balance in the body is important. We experience fear, anger, worry, sadness and joy as the basic five emotions. Fear affects the kidneys, anger - the liver, worry - the spleen, sadness - the lungs, and joy is associated with the heart. When feeling the certain way, it's good to know the emotions that overwhelm us at the moment. Emotion must be allowed, acknowledged and let go .. sometimes it's a quick process, sometimes it takes us longer to free or transform certain emotion. A longer retention of certain emotions can lead to organ damage. A common civilization phenomenon is denying or suppresing of emotions, and the belief that feelings are either good or bad. We are simply experiencing emotions and it is so. Recognition and acceptance of emotions is natural when we do not interfere with beliefs. When we accept the emotion and dedicate ourselves to it, we do best for ourselves and for our health. It is also important to maintain good hidration, have peace, fresh air, rest as needed. How do you feel your emotions? What attitude do you have towards anger, or sadness? With happiness we do well usually. Fear is usually concealed, worry is permitted. And then all the combinations, right? To be continued..

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