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Raise your vibration

Today, I want to share with you the simple trick I used to overcome a terrible cold with a fever within a few hours.

For several days I felt pain and stinging in both ears, and I knew that something was about to hit me. But I did not slow down my pace much for this reason. After a few days, I started to feel my throat and chest, and right on that day, it was Wednesday, I was already having a fever.

At the same time I received a message, just the right message for me at the moment, and it made me to the action right away. Just a minute before, I canceled all the activities of that day in order to rest in peace and dedicate myself (even feeling a little pitty).

This message made me stand up to wash, dress up,do my hair, light up the music and even sang, and do everything at a given moment to raise my vibration.

I actually have gotten into the car, and still a bit feverish drove towards new task that appeared.

There are some cases, when frost helps me, I have had good experiences when curing my children also. I felt supported with it, and along with the task I had, changing the environment and my will to raise above the disease, I succeeded. When I returned home after three hours, I was another. I was healthy. To make sure, I waited overnight, but in the morning everything was fine.

Epilogue: The intention is a powerful factor in our creation of reality.

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