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Sound and voice

The sound of silence. Do you know it? Sometimes we need it as a healing frequency. Silence helps to calm down, clarify.

In today's exposure to all sorts of different sounds, we sometimes miss the tiny voice, just asking us to disconnect from all of that sounds. Do you know the feeling when the electricity runs out?

Allow yourself a luxury of having an hour or five of silence. You will hear the sound of your own frequency ... let yourself be calm and just be.

When you, being so calm now, go outdoors for a walk, preferably somewhere outside the city, you can hear the sounds of nature .. the sound of the wind, the waves, the whispering of the grass, the various sounds of insects and animals caressing and acting healing with their sounds.

When we relax, the flow of energy in our body is balanced and the natural ability of the body to maintain health is backed up and encouraged.

Have you ever felt the need to release some sounds? Use your voice for self-medication .. How often do you have a tendency to express maybe supressed emotions with your voice, but you don't do it? You supress it in different ways. Often even subconsciously

Than you'd turn the radio on or you'd listen to certain music that calms you down at that moment or meets your need in any other way. Maybe you sing by or whistle then.. all these spontaneous acts help us to maintain our health, altough it can be completely unconscious.

Well, the act of releasing the healing sound is unfortunately very neglected and we need a special saacred space to allow ourselves to release voices, as we feel we need it. I encourage you to find a place where you feel safe and try out the technique of spontaneous releasing of the sounds.

Tell me how you feel about it? Is it easy? Be gentle with yourself and prevent the damage of the vocal cords. You can do some voice warm ups, also very suitable for starting the day, along with other exercises you do. Share your experience in the Your Vibrant Health Group

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