What about the air that you breathe

Good morning. Today, I need to devote to breathing. I am the daughter of civilization and, unfortunately, my breathing is shallow most of the time. Several times a day, I must remind myself to breathe. Most often, the body reacts itself and takes a deep breath several times a day. I will not talk about research on this subject, there are too many done. I am interested in your experience and your awareness of your breathing. How are you breathing? What do you notice? Do you practice any breathing techniques? Yoga? Meditation? How is the depth / depth of your breath affected by the environment in which you live (city-office / mountain-sea? What do you recommend to others about breathing?

One of my interesting experiences is certainly breathing while running, following the rhytm of: inhale and four to eight exhales, which brought me a sense of light running and no exhaustion. I recommend! But it requires a lot of discipline.

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Enjoy your Friday and weekend, and we read again on Monday!

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