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My dream place to live

The environment in which we live is one of the key elements of our happiness and health. If we feel good in our home, it supports us on our way. If we do not feel good, something needs to be changed, logically. Vladimir Megre, in his collection of Russia's Ringing Cedars, states that the purpose of man is to improve the living environment.

12 years ago, I moved from the capital to a small house in the nature, near Ljubljana. Then my dreams were fulfilled. The desire was for my children to grow up in nature. That really happened. The children grew up and went back to the city. But I was faced with the fact that my needs changed and the living environment in which I am currently located is no longer supporting me in the way I currently need. I also face how difficult it is to make a move towards the new environment. Is it true that Slovenes find it difficult to move? How is it in your country? Is it also harder for you to decide to move? Does it seem easier for the Americans to do this? (questions are intended for readers outside Slovenia)

If I have been convinced that 10 years ago, that it is only right to live on your own piece of land and get closer to the way of life that our ancestors lived, I'm currently moving away from it, or I have not managed to live my dreams completely, as it was intended. I feel not connected enough with the village community, but on the other hand I miss the city pulse and quite often I go to the valley, to the capital. I am looking for a solution, I am looking for circumstances that would support me more in my new evolving lifestyle. Here I have designed a page:

Where are you living? Are you satisfied? Are you also looking for a change? I must say that I'm still thinking about a real community, a pretty urban ecological neighborhood, perhaps 20 neighbors, who would go together to the project .. near the capital. Let me know if you have the same desire.

And this is My dream place to live Fb page (it's actually an album of photos I collect to help me bulid my dream place)

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