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Do I live my purpose?

Good morning. Today, I ask myself a very simple question: Do I live my purpose?

Do I feel satisfied and at peace, do I enjoy the work I do?

If this is not the case, I encourage you to devote to the issue to discover what your purpose is.

I suggest you taking half an hour to walk or meditate on a theme every day to make room for yourself so that the idea can grow. You can also start writing a diary, insofar as this is not your practice. In the process of regular daily discipline, the veils of our subconscious mind unveil, and it is easier to see the truths of our soul, our needs, our purpose.

It also helps to do some regular physical activity, with the guidance of following the heart. So whatever you feel is good or right for you, it makes sense to support yourself in this. If you feel you need additional support, I can offer it to you.

I keep my fingers crossed for you to start living your purpose. This brings you health, happiness, fulfillment, and also to your family and friends, and to all who do not know you yet. Start living your best life now.

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