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Relationship with my family

We are all sons and daughters of our parents. How healthy are the relationships in our family?

I am a child from a family who lost her mother early. Also my younger brother.

My father married again and we got a step mother and a step brother. A little later, our half -brother was born.

We were a composite family that was appearing as homogeneous, picked unit. But when we grew up and created our own families, we experienced differences that still affect our relationships today.

Personally, I am a type of person who can easily connect, I am open and forgiving. Unfortunately, this doesn't help me much in our family, because I have little or almost no contact with my step mom, half-brother and step brother, only on my own initiative.

We do have a good relationship though with my brother and his family. I also established a good relationship with my late father in the last years of his life, but he had to get sick first so that I could experience him as a father, which I missed in my childhood.

I can hardly remember the contact with a long-lost mother, but she is lovingly written in my heart.

I learned to be a good parent to myself. Unfortunately, however, only at the time of growing up of my dear children, for them I am infinitely grateful.

Every day, step by step, I improve my relationship with myself and I am grateful for my new partnership with the man with whom we are building a new, beautiful, healthy relationship.

I can only say: through the storm and through all the suffering, with clear faces we go to free days.. (verse translated from a slovenian partisan song ..)

All that was necessary for me to have relationships today, as I once could only dream of, or didn't even know how to dream of back then.

Today's record is designed to reflect on relationships in your family. If you feel you need a conversation or help, write to me or schedule a call: I'll be happy to help or support you.

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