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The food that we eat

There are so may books and articles on the food subject. We read, and - we mostly eat. We eat every day, we eat different foods, we eat for various reasons. I could write about the food for a very long and wide.

However, in this short writting, I want to focus primarily on the reason why we eat when we eat and we're not hungry really. It is at a specific time when food is used in exchange for some other need that we have. Need for sleep: self- sabotage system will dictate, take chips and watch a movie. Need for a walk: you may go for a walk to the store and buy something that you do not really need at all. Need for embrace, touch: because you do not have anyone at hand, take some sweets or chocolate and temporarily "hit" with a dose of sugar. The need for creative activity: lets take some food again and stare into the phone The need to move, change in life: because you are afraid, you cut a piece of bread with some spread or salami. Maybe you find yourself baking the biscuit.

All of these habits bring us short-term satisfaction. But because the call of our soul can not be silenced, the impulses will continue. Until we hear them. We may get sick, but if we only support ourselves in what we feel, the small movements we make daily will keep us healthy.

Health is happiness. And hapiness is in small things. So feel now today what your wish is and what the real need is.

You can call me or write to me if you feel you need a conversation or support.

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