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Things that we use - or don't use anymore

Good morning!

My favorite topic. Things that we use or do not use.

My suggestion to you for this week is to give away all the things that you do not use or do not serve you anymore, so you can make room for a new in your life.

The initiative applies to all the tiny little things that lie in the drawers; clothes that we do not wear; dishes that is not used; foods that have expired shelf life, clutter in the basement and garage; electronic junk in our phone and computer; there are many areas to look at in our lives;

even relationships that are not ok; work that does not meet us; living conditions that no longer serve us.

It's a very simple message, and all I can add is, let's go to the action together and exchange, sell, buy items. We can use many platforms: Let go; Fb market place, of course Bolha, etc ..

Do share your insights after the change, after you've cleaned your apartment / house of superfluous things. And should you need any help, I'm always available to talk.

Thank you Google for the picture.

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