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Indications given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn for the Twelve Holy Nights

16. december 2013 ob 11:38

Indications given by Rudolf Steiner to Herbert Hahn for the Twelve Holy Nights

On December 24th the 12 Holy Nights begin

The 12 Holy Nights are symbols for the 12 forces of the soul that live in us. And so this indication is valid forever, not only for the 12 Holy Nights.

On January 1 at noon we have the Sun as close as possible to the Earth [†] and that is why there are just five and half days before and five days and a half later, which is the time of the 12 Holy Nights.

On these nights, the darkest of the year, are closest to the Sun’s Spirit and this means that the Spiritual Sun shining from inside the Earth makes it translucent and illuminates everything from the inside, not as it is afterwards when the Sun illuminates the Earth from above, from the outside.

You have to enter these 12 Holy Nights wide awake and very conscious. It is important that the first night (Dec. 24th) we only stay awake until one or two in the morning. On the other nights, if possible, try to go to bed regularly at the same time, it is of principal importance to live in a regular rhythm at this time, if this is not possible in the active life, one has to try to do so internally; Those who cannot be silent in the external life should seek constantly to be inwardly aware of the sanctity of the time. It is important to perform daily duties without losing sight of this realization, of the sacredness of the time, allowing nothing unhealthy, no ugly movement to enter the soul, remaining always attentive and severe on oneself in this regard.

During the experience of Christmas, with its 12 Holy Nights, we sow the seed for the next 12 months. Therefore these 12 days are important, if for example we make mistakes on the first day, we lay a seed, which, in the first month, will germinate negatively in the blood.

We must try to pass the 12 holy days properly, according to the Law, because we need each year to work on our rebirth - and we cannot lose any year.

Holy Night 1

December 24-25 – Capricorn


This Holy Night is the night Christ is born in the soul and the soul asks: “Can my soul become liberated, saved, redeemed with all my weaknesses and flaws and passions?”

Symbol: The stable of Bethlehem in poverty and humility in which would be born the Light of the World. The voice of silence enters the soul and teaches one to affirm with joy the good that is found in ourselves and in others.

The soul seeks the mystery in a dark and trackless forest.

The Divine Spirit is born in Matter the Alpha and Omega touches and creates life.

First Contemplation:

In the humble stable of our soul a child is born who will change the world. Why would our soul be such a place? The stable was the only place available for the very pregnant Mary. This was the resting place for the animals that, on the one hand, are part of nature that provides our sustenance; but, on the other hand, represent our astral nature that does what it wants unless it is trained. Pause and focus with reverence on your soul. Consider the gifts of feeling, thinking and will that are at our disposal. See them lying in your soul for you to open and use as you so desire. Feel a deep thankfulness for this. What would life be if we could not feel the beauty in this world, and the beauty of the souls around us? What would life be if we could not connect ideas together to make sense of our lives? What would life be if we could not direct our behavior appropriately? At this time we can also pour out our hearts to those who cannot use these gifts fully. The intensity of our compassion fills the universe with Christmas lights.

Holy Night 2

December 25-26 – Aquarius


Night of John. The Eagle of the soul climbs high with its wings and looking back from

a great height, observes its own life. And now the man recognizes the Laws of Karma.

The Mystery: Choosing the narrow and difficult path or the path that is wide and easy.

For those who are born of flesh it is hard to find the path of the spirit.

Bhagavad Gita: A selfish life, or a life devoted to humanity?

Second Contemplation:

Christmas is a spiritually elevating time which can sometimes clash with the materialistic ideas of the modern world. We must strike the delicate balance between experiencing our spiritual self and our earthly self. We are inclined to clothe our spiritual self in our earthly understanding thereby masking its beauty and purity. Our task is to integrate the two by always acknowledging that our spiritual self underpins our earthly self.

When we look at our lives through the eyes of our spiritual self we see that we attract all our difficulties for the express purpose of making us stronger and more objective. For it is only with objectivity that we can even see our spiritual self, our I Am. Christ came to earth to give us personal use of our I Am, that is the real Christmas gift. Do we reject it? Yes, we do. Each time we blame others for what they do to us we reject this gift. We only ever accept this gift when we acknowledge that whatever happens to us we have attracted so that we can experience this gift more fully. If we can become the interested observer of all that takes place in our lives we stand with Christ and share His work.

Holy Night 3

December 26-27 – Pisces


Now follow the Three Nights of the White Lily. The soul recognizes that it cannot stay above but must come down again; because in it, it possesses too much earthly weight.

The conscious mind begins to purify the earthly body and assumes that each food is as a viaticum (provision for a journey). "I am the bread" (words of Christ Jesus). We come from the bread, we live in the path of development of the bread and return to the bread.

The Mystery: Never forget the accomplishment of the distant objectives of leaving the earthly realm.

Third Contemplation:

When we have spiritual insight we see that we are really part of the All. Then we are tempted to see ourselves as part of the All regardless of what we do. This choice means that we stand still on our journey and have some kind of faith that we will get there one day. However, we need also to use this spiritual insight to see the baggage that we carry; not to do so is a misuse of this spiritual ability. We don’t want to look at the baggage because we think that if we look at it we won’t have the strength to sift through it.

So what is the baggage? Our grudges, our lack of forgiveness, our fear, our lack of love, our opinions, our one sidedness, our jealousy, undervaluing ourselves, overvaluing ourselves, the list goes on. This baggage belongs to our lower self, our lower ego which found the strength to develop itself in all these things. Now that we have come within reach of our higher self, our I Am, which is the bread of life, we no longer have use for these things. In fact, now we need the exact opposite of these things. Leaving aside our opinions gives us the freedom to see much, much more. Loving others as they are is so much easier than deciding who to love and who not to love. While we may not experience instant gratification from forgiving others when we forgive we change the world.

Holy Night 4

December 27-28 – Aries


Consciously purify the astral body (soul). The antipathies and sympathies are transformed into love, complete love, always through love. Love silences the passions and desires. The strength of Christ enlightens and fortifies us in our battles with Lucifer and Ahriman for our metamorphosis.

Mystery: Personal work is to be placed in the service of all for the good of all. The Archangel Uriel places us before a mirror in which we see ourselves as we are.

Fourth Contemplation:

Even though we have three soul forces; Sentient/Feeling Soul, Mind/Thinking Soul and Con